Here at Fab, we LOVE our recipes! We love trying new recipes and we especially love a recipe if it is suitable for children! Those of us who are required to cook meals for our au pair children, are always on the look out for a great new recipe. We tried these sweet potato and spinach burgers the other day and they were DELICIOUSLY SCRUMPTIOUS! See the recipe below:


  • One tub rasberries, rinsed under cold water
  • One cup full cream plain yoghurt


Lay the raspberries on a plate or a tray. Fill each raspberry with a small bit of plain yogurt (it does help to put the cup of yogurt in the freezer for about ten minutes prior to filling the raspberries as this makes the yogurt a bit easier to work with). Once you have filled all the raspberries, place the tray/plate in the freezer for about an hour. You can keep checking the raspberries, you will know they are ready when the yogurt is stiff. Take out freezer and ENJOY!

Children and adults LOVE this recipe and trust me, they taste very moreish!!! It is a healthy option for children to enjoy some fruit and yogurt on a hot day.

Love, Fab Au Pairs.