Today we have a very special blog post, one of our very own Fab* au pairs! Welcome and thank you to our wonderful Camelyn Passmore.

Things that Kids Say

I have been working with kids for a long time. Two things I have learned in the time that I have spent working with children is one: Every single one of them has a different personality, different ways of coping and different ideas of fun and two: You NEVER know what they are going to say! So I wanted to share with you some of the funny and outrageous things that I have heard come out of the mouths of these little munchkins!

Whilst doing homework:

Child: guess what! We got a kitten!
Me: that’s so cool!
Child: it’s a baby. It’s only six months old.
Me: awwwwwww sweet! When did you get it?
Child: about a year ago!

*uhhh…. What??*

Sitting down at the table to eat lunch:

Child one: *picks up sausage roll and sniffs it*
Me: what’s wrong?
Child one: no, this sausage roll smells SOOOO CRISPY!
Child two: Ya, I wish this whole house was made of sausage rolls.

Me: *slumps down onto the floor in the kitchen where they can’t see me laugh a little*

There’s something in my eye:

Child: *rubbing his eye*
Me: are you okay? What’s wrong with your eye?
Child: I don’t know. What do you mean?
Me: your eye is red
Child: *using his fingers to pry his eye open, puts his face close to mine to show me* IS IT SORE??

A group of kids playing car racing:

Child one: *racing his car*
Child two: Get your medical! Very good medical over here!
Child one: Not if you go to a government hospital!!
Child three: Ya, you have to go to a private one or they will kill you!

Still playing race car games:

Child one: I want to play!
Child two: No! You’re not a racist!
*What he meant to say – no, it’s not your turn to race with us *

Playing doctor/hospital:

Child one: *putting a fake cast on child two’s arm*
Child two: oh no, I’m going to be in a cast for 3 years
Child one: yeah, I don’t like broken arms. It makes it hard to eat ice creams and other healthy stuffs.

Me: *dies a little inside*

The best excuse ever:

Child: throws stones onto the roof
Teacher: NO! Why did you do that? You know you are not allowed to throw stones!
Child: *in utter shock* Uh…. I forgot they were in my hand!

Let’s be honest. Any one who has a child or looks after children will know and sympathise with every single one of these. Children come up with the most outrageous things to do and say that will probably turn you every shade of red under the sun! However, working with children has always been one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever worked. I have watched so many children grow up. I have looked after a young girl from grade 6 who will be in matric next year. I have helped kids through family problems such as death and divorce. I have been told that I am the best and the worst in the same day, sometimes even the same hour! But I wouldn’t change what I do for the world! Kids are tough! Tough food critics, work critics, DRIVING CRITICS! But they truly are amazing, and I hope that I have touched their lives as much as they have touched mine.

By Camelyn Passmore.