Are there Au Pair jobs in South Africa?

Au pair jobs more commonly had the reputation of being international positions that South Africans would apply for as they graduated from High School. This was a means of earning an income but still being able to travel and have fun overseas. This association has progressed over the years, and being an au pair in South Africa has become increasingly popular.

Interest in au pair jobs in South Africa is on the rise

The general trend of searches for au pairs and au pairing jobs on the internet within South Africa has grown steadily over the last 3 years with an all-time high in January 2014. The most popular month for these searches is in January, since parents are searching for a childcare solution for the year. The table below indicates the increase across regions as well as general search terms within the country, with the largest interest being for au pair jobs in Durban.

Search Term
Average Monthly searches in South Africa 2012-2013
Average Monthly searches in South Africa 2013-2014
Au pair jobs590720
Au pair jobs in sa
Au pair south africa

Au pair jobs in Durban
Au pair jobs in Centurion
Au pair jobs in JHB

Source: Google Keyword Tool

Since dual income in South African homes has become more of a necessity, the increase in monthly searches for au pairs is logical. Au pairing is not only a solution to developing skills and experience for those wanting a career in childcare, but is also a great part-time income solution for students obtaining their post graduate qualifications, with the option to create a stable career.

How much does an au pair earn?

South African au pair salaries generally range between R17,452 to R95,680 with an average of R54,938 per annum, or R51,00 per hour rate. There is a strong dominance in the gender split, as ninety-seven percent (97%) of South African au pairs are Female and just three percent (3%) male. Sixty-six percent (66%) of South African au pairs have 1-4 years of experience according to PayScale

If you are looking for an au pair job in South Africa, and you are in the Upper Highway area of the Durban region, contact Fab* Au Pair Agency to sign up.

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